Merlin started DJing in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada after becoming instantly hooked on the hardcore/rave tunes he was hearing at underground parties. He soon started his own techno radio show on CJSF FM, which ran for several years until he left university. His love for dubby techno led him to play deep Chicago house for several years, focusing on labels such as Cajual, Perscription and Guidance at clubs and parties around the Northwest. In late 1996 he got turned on to jumpup jungle which had evolved out of the hardcore sound he had loved in the early 90s, playing at many parties, clubs and radio shows, as well as releasing 4 popular mix tapes.

In '99 Merlin discovered the Underground 2-Step Garage style and was instantly hooked on its blend of hard-hitting bass and melodies. With his acclaimed first CD "2Step Pressure" in stores in July of 2000 and as resident and founder of the WIGGLE KRU, Merlin is showing his depth, versatility and love for the soul and energy of this new genre. His crowd-moving style blends the smooth sophisticated soulful side of UK Garage with the raw energy and chopped up beats of the hardcore-inspired breaks and basslines.

Since then Merlin has become a leading figure in spreading the Underground Garage sound in North America and beyond. He has played all around Northwestern Canada and the United States and played at several clubs and radio stations in Europe during his Germany Tour (May/2000) as well as being the only Northwest UKG DJ at WMC 2002. His selection and mixing are always a crowd favourite wherever he goes!

We are proud to announce that DJ Merlin's premier mix CD "2Step Pressure" has been listed in Simon Reynold's Favorites of 2000. Thank you for your support!

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